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 Wide processing product range

Not only do we provide a wide product range but we can process materials from different steels, stainless steel, aluminium, copper and titanium.

Steel structures : processing products for durable heavy weight resistance.
We choose the correct materials to process durable weight resistance steel. We manage strength calculation and test the prototype.
We provide a one-stop service using durable weight resistance calculations, from base unit design and manufacture to steel plate processing.
Road traffic sign pole
▲ Road traffic sign pole
Pole and line hardware for telecommunication and electricity distribution : Based on over 60 years’proven experience providing quality-assured products.
"Pole and line hardware" is essential for providing lifelines including electricity and telecommunications.
As a pioneer of pole and line hardware manufacture, Kiya Corporation has over 60 years'experience in this area.
Telecom pole and line hardware
▲ Telecom pole and line hardware
Automotive parts : productivity increase by innovative methods
Kiya Corp. plays a key role in manufacturing metal components using CFP die method conversion to the automotive parts industry.
Major cost savings and quality stability have been achieved by Kiya's CFP die method conversion to produce metal components (including automotive parts) which were only possible in the past by sintering, welding, cutting and die casting.

Automotive parts
▲ Automotive parts
Precision press parts : Tolerance 10 micron unit precision press work.
Our precision components achieve complete accuracy. From the very beginning of every press die manufacturing process we carefully examine all materials individually to achieve maximum precision output.
Kiya's CFP die method also manufactures high quality IT related metal parts which in the past could only be manufactured by injection molding.
Personal computer parts
▲ Personal computer parts
High-quality exterior finish products : Technology behind our surface-finishing process.
Kiya's technology shines in the processing of top-grade exterior product finishing.
For stainless steel exterior components, we use our own technology for press die surface processing. Also, we have developed special rubber molds to manufacture perfect top-grade product exteriors with no scratching.
Household electrical goods components
▲ Household electrical goods components
Various materials
Kiya's premium metal press die technology works not only with steel materials. We have the expertise to provide best processing solutions for our customers using materials including high- tensile strength steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper and titanium, and many other new materials.
We will keep developing our technology to provide excellence in processing technology for any materials.
Various materials
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