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Cutting edge processing technology

We are proactive in developing cutting-edge processing technology. For example, we use cold forging progressive die method transition, achieving huge cost savings.

Breakthrough in automotive parts industry, using "cold forging progressive die" method
Kiya Corp has made rapid progress in the automotive parts industry by using forefront technology, 'cold forging progressive die' ("CFP"). This new Kiya CFP method has become the most popular method in the automotive industry. Using Kiya's CFP method instead of conventional methods such as sintering, welding and cutting, or die casting, enables flexible and complex metal forming with cost savings and stable quality assurance.
CFP processing machine“UL 6000forging press line”
▲ CFP processing machine
  "UL 6000forging press line"
Tokyo Metropolitan Government certified Kiya Corp. as“Business Innovation Company”
By introducing 'CFP die method', Kiya was promptly recognized as a 'Business Innovation Company'. This certification is given to companies who introduce new technology and change business models. The Government awards this certification to recognize and assist companies like Kiya in their innovative developments .
Next generation automotive technology development support project
In December 2009, Kiya Corp. was given a grant from the Government for "next generation automotive technology development support project" for Saitama prefecture to develop 'new material for deep drawing processing' technology.
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